We offer classes for every level. No previous ballet experience is required. Come and try classic, cardio barre or barre floor for a three class entry offer.

BarreConcept® Classic

A medium tempo class for a complete leg shaping workout. This class focuses on posture, footwork and positions. Small movements, attention to detail and high repetitions make this a great foundation class.

BarreConcept® Advanced

A non stop choreographed routine with additional arm sculpt and floor work.A quicker tempo than barre classic. Get ready for not only a leg burn but a full body challenge!


A body conditioning workout on the mat. This class was originally developed to keep ballet dancers with foot injuries in shape. It developes the core as it combines ballet move with pilates.


This class moves fluidly between classic and contemporary pilates exercises. Each week has a theme focusing on either strength and or flexibility.


Single Class Entry 30.-

10 Class Pack  valid 5 months 300.- 

20 Class Pack valid  8 months 560.- 

40 Class Pack valid 12 months 990.-

Online Classes 15.- per class or 12 pack 150.-

All classes are taught in English but personal German tuition available. 

During holiday periods, Abos will be extended by 1 month.

All prices in CHF


10:15 BarreConcept® Advanced

20:00 Pilates (live streamed)


18:45 BarreConcept® Classic *Cham, Zug


09:00 BarreConcept Intermediate *Cham, Zug


12:00 Online

BarreConcept® Beginner- Intermediate


Locations: RÜSCHLIKON,ZH 8803 Studio Therasport 1st Floor, Weingartenstrasse 9

CHAM, ZG 6330 Studio RITM 1st Floor, Gewerbestrasse 10

Online via Zoom Invitation

Tel: 079 831 78 65

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