Improve your physical ability and mental approach to fitness.

What is your goal? Whether it be training for a specific event, achieving a desired target or encouragement to maintain an active healthy lifestyle, then I will make your sessions fun, varied and enjoyable. I offer training indoors in a fully equipped spacious studio in Rüschlikon, easily accessible from Oberrieden, Horgen, Thalwil, Kilchberg and Adliswil, or outdoors in the forest or running track. Home sessions are available too.

With a depth  of fitness knowledge ranging from competitive sports (running, cross country skiing, swimming) to functional pilates (TRX, Runity and Core Allign) then you can quickly benefit from my 20 years experience. Sessions are never quite the same. Creativity and sensitivity maintain momentum and add interest for those who find staying fit a challenge.



Located directly opposite Rüschlikon Bahnhof on the first floor. This large spacious fully equipped gym provides a superb indoor environment for PT. Whether it be 1:1 or 2:1 or small group training.


Creative outdoor trails or circuits. Incorporating cardio strength, balance and flexibility. Training outdoors offers variety as well as mental health benefits and different physical challenges. Our close location to the lake, running tracks and forest offer opportunities for diverse workouts. Available in locations 8810, 8800, 8135, 8803, 8826, 8914.

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Due to work commitments, family or Pandemics it maybe more convenient to workout at home. Home training and ONLINE sessions available.


PT and Coaching sessions are available throughout the week. Please contact directly to book.

Studio Single Visit 175.-

Studio 60 minutes 1-1 165.- 10 pack

Studio 60 minutes 2-1 180.- 10 pack

Outdoor/Home Single 145.-

Outdoor/Home 60 minutes 1-1 135.- 10 pack

Outdoor/Home 60 minutes 2-1 160.- 10 pack

20 pack PT and Class combo also available on request 

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